Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Style Inspiration

I've had a few requests to post outfits that will help beat the cold.  Honestly, my first recommendation is to stay inside wrapped in a warm robe. During the dead of winter my favorite article of clothing is my fleece robe. My husband hates it!  I practically live in it when not at work or a social event.  Actually, that's a lie. I feel pretty confident that I've swapped out my jeans for pj's and my robe on several occasions while hosting guests.  Oh well! Sometimes comfort is a necessity.

My honest opinion for how to battle the winter temps?  Go buy yourself an adorable robe and hibernate in it all winter long. Don't even worry about what your man has to say about it.  It's the only way to survive!! But if a fleece robe cramps your style then this outfit is pretty cute too!

Happy Wednesday dolls!

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