Monday, January 20, 2014



Boots- J. Crew (here)

I've completely forgotten that casual outfits can be just as cute. For some strange reason, it's embedded in my head that heels are a requirement to make an outfit look pulled together. That mind set makes pulling together the perfect look difficult during the winter months. It's a constant dilemma having to decided weather to sacrifice warmth for style or vice versa. 

When I was younger, style always won but as I grow up comfort is becoming even more important.  Plus, the cold has become my worse enemy.  I guess it's a good thing I've been creative in my closet lately, I'm getting a little tired of seeing myself in pajamas on the weekends. 

That's all for this Monday.  Hubby's home. Love that man but he's driving me crazy today.  He's making completing this post oh! so difficult.  The joys of marriage!


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  1. I totally understand. Sometimes I don't feel as cute if I am not in heels either, but I do have some really cute flats!! I love your snow boots ... I wish I had a reason to wear some!