Friday, January 17, 2014

Center of Attention

Coat-Target on sale (here), jeans-Target on sale (here), Turtle Neck-old,  Clutch- Etsy (here)

I’m not going to gobble up your time talking about me.  I just have just a quick outfit photo to share with you then we’re moving on to the real super star....

Last Friday, Wade and went out for a dinner date.  It was our first outing together since I started my paleo craze. I totally over indulged. I’m confident that the waitress thought we were starving ourselves.  You should have seen the way we inhaled our appetizer and entrées. Since it was an impromptu date night, I opted to keep my look simple.  I figured the red coat deserved to have a moment.
I don’t know if you noticed but the blog received an update.  If you didn't notice there's something seriously wrong with your eyes because it looks fab. My girl, Nikki over at The Fashionable Wife was so kind to volunteer her talents to create a new design for CLIH.  I am so blessed by her talents.    She asked me what I had in mind for the design, I said “classic and chic”.  It’s a pretty generic request but somehow she managed to nail it. When I saw the image she designed I was in awe. I feel so grown up in the blogging world now. To show my appreciation for her hard work, please take a moment to visit her site and show her  some love.  She has phenomenal style and class!

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  1. So glad you like your new header :) Love the red coat. Have a great weekend!