Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Style Inspiration

Graphic Tee-Forever 21 (here)

I love a good night out with my ladies.  It seems like forever since my girlfriends and I have gotten together for a night on the town.  We are all caught up in this whirlwind called life that our monthly girl’s night has fallen to the wayside.  Well next weekend we are putting a kibosh to our drought. We are planning a super fun night out to rekindle our awesomeness.  Naturally,  my mind kicks into outfit planning mode.  A night out with a group of beautiful ladies is an occasion that certainly calls for a fantastic outfit.  When I’m headed out with the girls, I like an outfit that’s feminine and flirty but also a little on the edgier side.   This Forever 21 lips tee satisfies all of those requirements especially when paired with chic leather accessories.  What’s your favorite girl’s night out look?

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