Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blame it on my ADD

Where she got it--Shoes-

Where she got it--Blouse-Kohls

Where she got it--Camo Pants-The Gap

Where she got it--Coat-Target, Handbag-Michael Kors via Macys

I can't say that I blame you if you have completely forgotten that I even exist in this wonderful world of blogging.  I've been so unpredictable as of lately.  One moment I'm into creating a new look to show all of you.  And then the next, I'm determined to become the next WWE Diva.  I'm not sure what's going on.  I'd like to think that after years of dedicating myself to school and work, I have developed an attention disorder....As in, I'm still not sure what to dedicate all my free time to yet. I have a wide range of interests but none of them are grabbing my full attention.  As I type that statement, I realize how bizarre that sounds coming from me, usually I could talk about fashion related things for hours.

 So basically, as the title suggests, I'm blaming it on my ADD that I may or may not have.  For the moment,  I'm into this outfit so it's being shared with you.  We'll see what the rest of the week holds.

Happy Wednesday, lovers!


  1. loving the blush & army green! I rocked that combo today too - great minds think alike. Blog world misses you!


  2. Hey girl! Thank you, it's so nice to know I've been missed. I need to get my stuff together. I miss all of you as well. I love that we think so much alike.


  3. love this outfit! the camo pants are fantastic!


    Erin @