Friday, April 25, 2014

buttoned up

Where she got it--Jacket-Target

Where she got it--Shoes-Target

Where she got it--Shirt-Target, Jeans-The Loft

Where she got it--Sunglasses-J.Crew

Where she got it--Necklace-Charlotte Russe
This is precisely what I was talking about on's almost impossible for me to focus all of my attention to one area of my life.  I have the blog photos but my mind is blank on what to write. It's Friday though so I guess there's that...

Also, this look has kind of become my uniform.  I've recently noticed that while my clothing is different from day to day, it's fundamentally the same. Thanks to the hundreds of different button ups that hang in my closet, it's become all too easy to throw on a button up shirt and walk out the door. Who needs pants anyway?

Here's to the freakin' weekend!

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