Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paint Nite Adventures


"The world is a blank canvas its brush is our imagination." Unknown

Finishing touches

It’s a little late but Buffalo finally caught onto the Paint Nite trend. Since I’ve always had limited patience when attempting to do anything creative, I was excited to have someone teach me how to paint.  I thought that the creative environment paired with a glass of wine would help me tap into my hidden potential.   Man, was I sorely disappointed.  It appears that I am creatively challenged and the wine only made it worse.  I’ve never been able to grasp the concept of gracefulness.  It’s just not something my body is capable of.  I’m more blunt and awkward. Despite my conscious efforts, my ability to imitate the graceful movements of the instructor’s paint brush slowly diminished with each glass of wine.

Since the finished product appears to be the work of a drunken 3rd grader, the painting will not be on display for people to enjoy when visiting my home. But when I pull that sucker out of the closet in a few months, I’ll look back fondly at my efforts to be the next Pablo Picasso.

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