Monday, October 13, 2014

The Perfect Fall Accessories

Good morning Dolls,

I'm very excited to share with you a guest post from a follower of CLIH.  Kimberly has prepared some great recommendations for the perfect Fall accessories.  I wish I would've had a few of these pieces this past weekend-Enjoy!

If you haven’t made a Fall bucket list (procrastinators, unite!) grab a pumpkin spice bar, sit down, and start writing! This autumnal time of year lends itself perfectly to countless seasonal activities, traditions, and of course—delicious treats. From haunted houses to corn mazes, pumpkin patches to candy apples, inspiration abounds! Since many of these adventures take place outside, smart style choices are a must. Here are some enviable fall fashion pieces that will make even the frostiest experiences warm and fuzzy!
Scarves are synonymous with fall, and they have an incredible ability to pull an outfit together with pretty much zero. There is a scarf for every outfit you could possibly think of, and there are at least 7 different ways to wear your wrap of choice. The real win here is that scarves are incredibly functional (not just fashionable) and will help keep the chill off of your face and neck.


(Find it here!)

Gloves will undoubtedly be your best friend when you’re standing in line at a haunted corn maze, or sifting through the pumpkin patch trying to find the perfect gourd. A warm drink can only keep your hands warm for so long; after that, your mittens will be left to take care of the light work.

In lieu of wearing a hat or beanie, try opting for a headband instead. The lush fabric will keep your head and ears warm without permanently sacrificing your hairstyle. Let’s be honest; once you get hat-hair, it’s hard to make a complete recovery!

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to give your feet some fashionable love! Boot toppers will help keep a draft from creeping down your kicks and chilling your toes without adding the bulk of a thick sock. The best part is, there’s pretty much nothing cuter than a bit of lace peeking out of your boots!

Hopefully these little treats have inspired you to embrace fall with open arms (and fabulous fashion!). If you’ve got a cozy autumn accessory that you love, share it in the comments below!

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