Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A New Direction.

So it’s been awhile.  Like…a long while.  There was nothing glamorous about my little break.  I didn’t spend months touring Europe or meditating to find my inner peace.  Truth be told, I became kind of disgruntled with the blogging world. As much as I love the support and encouragement that comes along with blogging, there’s also this constant need to be perfect.  It became exhausting and daunting for me.  The perfect outfit, perfect photos, perfect hair, perfect make-up.  Perfect. Perfect. PERFECT! Honestly, at the time I felt far from perfect. My blogging breakup was less than glamorous consisting of lots of make-up-less days, bad hair days, and lots of flat shoes (Oh yeah! I stopped wearing my beloved heels.  You read that correctly).  I had convinced myself that I had nothing of interest to share if I wasn’t dressing flawlessly every day. It’s almost as if I let clothing define me. Obviously, I quickly lost interest because that’s not all of who I am.   So I just stopped blogging. 

I did, however, allow myself to enjoy more of my life.  Instead of focusing on taking the perfect photo or creating the perfect setting.  I soaked in the moments.  I looked at life through my lens and not my phones.  I enjoyed the now instead of thinking about tomorrow’s post.  I didn’t even think about this blog until recently...
Over the past few days I’ve found myself thinking about a few topics and mentally writing a journal entry.  I contemplated starting a personal journal then thought how boring that seemed. No one except me gets the privilege of reading that journal. And there’s always that odd chance that someone might enjoy my randomness, even if it’s only my mom.  Then I reminded myself about my “fashion” blog.  There’s no strict guidelines forcing me to write about fashion.  There’s nothing that says I can’t blurt out my random thoughts to share with the world.  Like it or not Country Living in Heels might take a change in direction. It might become more of a hodgepodge of my random thoughts.  I hope you all continue to follow along it’s bound to be a fabulously imperfect journey. 

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  1. I can't wait to see where your heart leads you!

    xo, Maddy