Monday, August 20, 2012

Adoration Monday:

A Pea in the Pod:

I think it is incredibly important to shower people in compliments.  If I love something someone is wearing or the way they are doing their hair, etc., I make sure to tell them.  I do it to almost anyone friends, family, and even complete strangers. It definitely makes my day when someone gifts me a compliment so why not return the favor?  That is why I will be doing Adoration Monday’s.  Whether it’s someone's style or just because they are simply fabulous, I will make an effort to recognize someone every Monday.

Today’s pick…
Meaghan: When I started in my current department Meaghan was pregnant with her first baby.  I remember thinking then that she was the most adorable pregnant chick I have ever met, she absolutely radiated with excitement.
As time has progressed, I have had the pleasure to become well acquainted with Meaghan. Her excitement is contagious and definitely brightens my work day. It has been a pleasure working closely with Meaghan, I truly admirer her positive outlook on life and her beaming smile.
Meaghan is pregnant with her second baby and she is still the most adorable pregnant lady I have ever encountered.  I hope when my baby days come I can be as delightful and manage to maintain my style as gracefully as her.  Meaghan has no problem accessorizing her baby adorable bump!

Look at how cute Meaghan is in this maxi dress, how can you not admire her expecting Mommy style?

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