Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All Nude


My inspiration for today’s outfit came awhile ago, I was face first into my chocolate martini at the Chocolate bar when a girl walking by caught my eye.  She was wearing a cream shirt, tan skirt, and my exact J.Crew bubble necklace (I totally adore this necklace), her entire outfit was classic. 
I was obviously a HUGE fan because while determining what to wear to work yesterday she popped into my head. I think there is something very chic about a monotone color scheme and I am always looking for a reason to wear my favorite necklace (one of my splurges).
I discovered the J.Crew necklace on Pinterest and knew my closet was not complete without it. I literally could not stop day dreaming about it, I had to own it. After many months of desire, I finally broke down and purchased the statement piece for my cruise to the Caribbean.  It was oh. so. worth it.  I wear it at least once a week, which is more than I can say for the other 100 necklaces I own.
About my outfit:

The feminine take on my collared shirt adds the perfect amount of girly sophistication.  At first I attempted to tuck my shirt in order to cinch my waist but I found the tucked in shirt to be boring. It's something I do frequently so I was daring and left it out. I think the high-low cut of this shirt adds a fun element. I rarely wear the snake print pumps but today extra drama was needed and they did just that! It’s obvious with this look that the necklace is the statement piece and I think it does it well!
Lately, I have been doing my hair in this side French braid.  It’s super easy and caters to my “can’t wake up on time” routine.  I think it goes well with today’s outfit, effortlessly pulling it all together. Thoughts?
Shirt, Charlotte Russe-$29.99, Pencil Skirt, JCP-$30.00, shoes, JCP-$39.99.  The skirt and the shoes were purchased a few years ago.
Since reading about clothes can be redundant, I decided to add a pic of my favorite little man.  He had an adorable moment this morning.  Mornings are rough in my household, as I mentioned I hate getting out of bed and so does my little man.  I am always running around the house calling his name to wake him up.   This morning nothing was bringing him out of bed.  When I finally went upstairs to get him, I lifted the covers to be greeted by this miserable face...
Yup. I am talking about my dog!
For the animal lovers out there that understanding where I coming from...When I went upstairs to grab him all I could see is his little tail wagging under the blankets.  It was too cute!

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