Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Being That Girl and Splurge vs. steal

Creating this blog has turned me into that girl. You know that one that is always asking for her picture to be taken? Pre-blog days, I found those girls incredibly annoying. But last weekend I was the epitome of that girl.   Friday night while out with my friend, I recruited her to take photos of me. You and I both know the self portraits just weren’t working. As we stood on the side of the road snapping pictures and giving tiny photo lessons people were hooting and hollering at us.  It was terribly embarrassing and highly uncomfortable but we had fun doing it. Nicole was extremely supportive which help lighten the mood.   I'm pretty sure my friends don't think of me as THAT girl but I know for sure to the people passing by, definitely did! The whole photo montage definitely made for  a  great memory and the photos were cute. Thanks, NIcole for being an excellent photographer.
On Sunday, I realized my obsession had taken on new bounds, I forced my mom to do a mini photo shoot of me in a "country" setting. She was a good sport and her photos turned out great but it still felt extremely ridiculous.    I now know that I could never be a model, I am too camera shy for that profession. 
Splurge VS. Steal

I wore this outfit to my friend's bridal shower on Sunday. It’s only the middle of August but weirdly it is cooling down in Buffalo.  While getting dressed Sunday morning, I had the sad realization that winter is just around the corner.  I decided to seize the moment and enjoy the colors of the season.  Let’s just say I went all out! The inspiration for this outfit came from a J.Crew catalog.
For the small price tag of $664.00 I could own this entire outfit. I decided to save myself some cash and create the look using pieces I already owned. My total cost? Pink tank, Guess outlet-$24.99, Green pencil skirt, JCP-$24.99, Blue belt, purchased with another shirt-$15.99, shoes, Justfab-$39.99=Grand Total of $$105.96! I think that’s a steal totally worth sharing and being THAT girl!
To my fantastic friends and family: I apologize in advance for my future photo requests.  Your support truly means a lot! I feel blessed to have such an amazing support system.  I am one lucky lady! xoxo

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