Thursday, August 16, 2012

I have a woman crush...

Last night I attended a pistol permit course with my brother and his friend. I have to admit that I was totally dreading this course.  Sitting in a classroom for 3 hours learning about gun safety after an 8 hour work day just didn’t seem appealing.  I’ve wanted my permit since I turned 21 so it was about time I made moves toward obtaining it, surprisingly, the class wasn’t that bad.  The instructor couldn’t have been a day younger than 75 but I happened to find her intriguing. She possessed a vast amount of knowledge about the topic she was teaching and it was evident that she was passionate about her hobby.  Honestly, I envied her knowledge and passion, I found it inspiring. 
She was wearing a brown pencil skirt with a yellow button up shirt and a brown suit jacket.  She pulled it all together with a brown belt hidden nicely under her jacket.  It wasn’t until she mentioned that she owns guns that she only wears to “special occasions” that I realized the belt was a holster that effectively hide her pistol, at this very moment I fell in love with this old lady.  She became my old lady idol. I’m not hoping to grow old but when I do, I hope that I am kick ass like her.  She later went on to say that at any given time she carries two 45’s on her. I was even more impressed, this lady is packing and not lightly. Despite her age, this made her attractive in a very old grandma kind of way.  I mean, what grandma do you know that rocks a pencil skirt and two pistols? It’s cray, right? I was so caught up in her fabulousness that she convinced me to sign up to be a member of the NRA. 
I learned a lot in from the course about proper handling and cleaning techniques but the thing that stuck with me the most was…Age doesn’t matter, it’s what you think you are made of that over powers your appearance.  This is something I should already know because my grandma is pretty hot and very trendy for her age but I think it was the “You don’t know who your messing with, I’m a proud member of the NRA, pistol carrying grandma” vibe coming from this sweet old lady that help make this point clear. I would like to hang out with this old lady outside of the gun club.  I think I could learn a thing or two more from this woman.
You are probably wondering what is appropriate attire to wear to a pistol permit class, right? Well I was at work all day and didn’t have time to change so I pranced into the Buffalo Gun Center wearing this…

"It only takes one colorful item to make a grey day beautiful-or a bland outfit sunny." from J.Crew magazine

The entire day I was thinking how completely out of place I would look wearing a leopard skirt and those heels to this class but I wasn’t, the instructor turned out to be pretty fab herself, phheww!
About my outfit:
I have been on the hunt for a leopard print skirt that would be appropriate for work and normal life for a long time. When I came across this skirt at The Loft, I knew it was perfect.  There are so many outfits I have dreamed up for this baby. I can’t wait to wear it again.  The skirt is new for the fall with a price tag of $69.50 but I happened to catch it at 40% off-win!  It is extremely comfy and gorge ((ous)( for those of you that don’t follow the Kardashians)) at the same time. I have also been a huge supporter of the tied button up this season.  It is an extremely easy tailoring technique.  I purchased the yellow button up from Target for $19.99 and the shoes from Justfab for $39.99.

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