Friday, August 17, 2012

My Fashion Trick

I love dressing stylish.  I have so much fun trying to come up with new outfits and I rarely wear the same exact outfit twice (unless, of course, I really love the outfit).  Actually, now that I am thinking about it most of the time I can't remember all the different combinations so it's difficult for me to repeat an outfit. I guess it's a good thing I started this blog. I digress, what I was actually getting to is that sometimes I just want to be comfortable.  I'll be straight when I say that comfy clothes don't always look fab.  Contrary to what the younger generation believes, yoga pants are not fashionable, they were intended for an intense yoga class, not everyday life. There are some days, however, when all I want to put on my body is a pair of yoga pants and my husband's t-shirt. I'm pretty sure my employer would not appreciate me coming into work in my husband's stained shirt.  That is why I invest in tons of adorable sun dresses. 

Thursday morning my body longed to be comfy.  I couldn’t fathom the thought of tight fitting clothing so I decided on a sundress and a cardigan. Until recently, I was very fond of black.  It was very rare that there was any other color in my closet, black was my go to. I had it set in my mind that everything is more flattering in black. Boy was I wrong, when I started seeing photos of myself in all black I was tortured by the dreary appearance of myself. I vowed to add more color to my wardrobe and I am happier for it.  The easiest way to add color?-purchasing colored cardigans. Having a selection of different colored cardigans has made being creative with my clothes so much easier. The outfit I wore to work on Wednesday satisfied all of my wishes, it looked cute and it was very comfy.  Sundresses are so easy to dress up, just add a sweater, cute pair of shoes, and an accessory.

I think for wanting nothing more than to wear lounge clothes I pulled it together pretty well, what do you think?

Instead of giving you the DL on my outfit (pretty much everything I have on is from Target) I am going to share with you how a simple belt can change an outfit.

While getting dressed I dreamed up the outfit with the belt on the outside of the sweater. When I tried it on, I didn't like the way the pockets on the dress and the sweater bulged around my hips.

Wearing the belt under the sweater hides the details on the back, the only reason there is to wear this belt soo...

I spinned the belt around! 
 The only problem with wearing the belt backwards was the end sticking out so I clipped the belt together using a paper clip. Hey.  I was thinking on my toes! :)

The studs add that extra splash of character required to transform this lazy sundress into a complete outfit. This is definitely an outfit i'll  repeat for weekend wear. HAPPY FRIDAY my fabulous dolls!

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