Sunday, August 12, 2012

An Unusual Neon Accessory

Friday night my friend, Nicole, was able to convince Wade and I to go downtown. I literally haven’t been downtown in ages so I was kind of excited. My husband usually is not up for outings downtown. For the first time convincing my husband to take me out dancing wasn’t a problem but figuring out an outfit was.  I knew that every other girl would be in a skin tight dress that barely covered their booty; I definitely wanted a different approach.

While outfit day dreaming one day, I thought up putting my puffy striped skirt with my sheer polka dot tank top. Originally, the outfit was intended for dinner with my man but I decided to add an unusual neon accessory to make it downtown worthy.
I also gave the dark glittery eyeshadow a try. I figured there was no better place than a downtown night club.  It was a fun makeup look!

Why can't a bra be considered an accessory?

Sooo what do you think of my neon brassiere?  I admit that it was a little daring for me but it was the perfect addition to my outfit for a night downtown. And it was fun wearing something out of the ordinary for me. I felt very Carrie Bradshaw!

Hope all of you are have a fabulous weekend! Happy Sunday FUNDAY!

About my look:

I purchased the skirt 2 years ago from Forever 21 for $15.00, the tank top I purchased online also at Forever 21 for $19.80, and the bra I picked up at target for $9.99 (recently).  I purchased the shoes while in Boston visiting my cousin, they are Steve Madden.


  1. I super love this! Yay for you starting a blog!!

  2. Thank you, Bethany! I need some cooking tips so I will definitely be following yours! Hope all is well!