Friday, September 14, 2012

A new layering technique

One of my simple pleasures is receiving the J.Crew catalog. Their stylists are extremely talented, I am obsessed with their abilities to pull together trends while remaining sophisticated. I would totally love to purchase all of the items in the catalog but it’s just not feasible. Since I can’t afford to purchase the exact outfits their talented stylists have put together, I decided to use their catalog as inspiration.  I frequently look through it.  In fact, I keep a stack of them on my desk at work.
The last catalog that I received suggested a new way of layering.  The models were all wearing their necklaces on the outside of their button up shirts.  I have to admit that it is a fun approach to the super preppy dress shirt.
I should also admit that I take inspiration from their children’s catalog.  Come on! You know those children are some snazzy dressers!
In last month’s catalog, the kids were dressed in orange and pink color combinations, I was a huge fan!  

...I used J.Crew’s style recommendations to create my own more affordable look.

I was thrilled with how this outfit turned out.  It was comfortable and I received so many compliments.  The necklace on the outside of my shirt received way more attention than it would have normally received. Wearing it on the outside of my shirt  made it the focus of my outfit. And I am really diggin' orange for this season! It is still bright and fun but also very welcoming of the fall season that is quickly approaching.

My outfit was a total save.  Even though the J.Crew model looks ultra fab, my pocket book thanks me. To own her outfit I would have to spend…$430.00
Shirt: $150.00
Skirt: $130.00
Necklace: $150.00

My Outfit:
Shirt: Target $19.99
Skirt: Target $22.99
Necklace: LOFT $44.50 on sale for 40% off
Shoes: Kohls $19.99
Handbag: $24.99
Grand total of $155.44

I didn’t end up wearing flats but by noon I was really wishing I would have.  I stayed with leopard print but opted for my wedges which are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own.

What do you think? Would you rather splurge on the J.Crew look or save an recreate the look with your own twist?

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