Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

If this country gal were to wonder into the Big City accompanied by her dreamy husband, to spend the day doing silly/obnoxious things that neither of them has ever experienced, I think that I may have created the perfect outfit for the adventure… 

 I had a wedding to attend last Friday night. I’m not even going to pretend, it completely caught me off guard.  I had known about the wedding for months but the summer just slipped away from me. As a result, I had very little time to dress shop so I was forced to be fiscally responsible and utilize a dress I already owned.  The horror! I decided to use Holly aka Audrey Hepburn as inspiration. I love playing dress up and sometimes it's simply fantastic to remember the classics!

I love this dress, as you have seen in my previous post, it’s easily transitional.  I can wear this to work or dress it up for a special occasion. The only elements that were required to dress this baby up were pearls and fancy shoes!
 I originally decided to save my cash by wearing a dress I already owned and instead spent $14.99 to purchase a layered pearl necklace from Target.   When I got dressed Friday evening, the necklace did not make the HUGE impact I was hoping for.  It suddenly occurred to me that I had an apothecary jar full of pearl necklaces that were given to me by my Aunt.  I decided to bust out the necklaces and by doing so I discovered so many pearl necklaces.  All of them could have been worn instead of purchasing a new set, vintage is always better. This is a perfect example of why it is important for a closet to be well organized!
Despite my disappointment, I decided to layer the new necklace with an old. The larger set of pearls achieved the impact I was looking for.  I was rather saddened that I wasted my money on an accessory that I already owned, especially since the old necklace is far better quality than the new one.  Oh well, on the plus side, I found a super cute pearl collared necklace that I have been busy planning an outfit for!!! J
If you were to act on a whim and behave as a modern Holly Golightly, what would you wear?

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