Friday, September 7, 2012

Grandma's Violet

Being someone that coveted the color black, the color explosion that is today’s fad is sometimes hard to accept. I find myself falling into old habits all the time.  When I am shopping, I instantly gravitate towards black.  I have to remind myself constantly that my wardrobe instantly expands with the addition of color.  I guess it’s true, old habits die hard.
I am really excited about my outfit yesterday.  I was thrilled to be able to have enough colored accessories and articles of clothing to create a fun sophisticated color combination.  Mustard has become my new favorite color.  Much like black, I tend to be drawn to it. I have to remind myself that too much of one color can be just as limiting.

Originally, I planned on wearing this skirt with a black camisole.  I started accessorizing with my mustard belt and the necklace.  When I got dressed yesterday morning, I was not feeling the dull color of my blouse. The outfit didn’t feel as special as I was anticipating, for whatever reason this fuchsia top popped into my head and it was exactly what my mind was craving! The mustard yellow and fuchsia combination is something totally out of the ordinary for me which makes way more fun.
I have own this shirt for almost 3 years and I might have worn it twice with black dress pants…boring! I think my excitement about yesterday’s outfit proves that variety really is the spice to life. 
Fashion Breakaway...
When my grandmother passed away, my mother took the African Violet that sat by her bed and divided it for my sister and me.  For a few years, the plant sat on top of my refrigerator with no growth whatsoever.  I had pretty much given up on it but couldn’t part with it. When we moved into our new home Grandma’s violet went with us, a few months after being in the new home the violet bloomed. I was so excited, I thought of it as Grandma’s blessing on our new home! For awhile, I was convinced that the flower finally bloomed because of the new house (silly, I know!).  I hadn’t changed the way I cared for it, I made sure to water it routinely like every other month, surely that’s all it needed.
It has been a year since the flower first bloomed, this past week it bloomed again.   I am now confident that the reason the flower is prospering is because of my husband's TLC.  This touches my heart, every time it blooms not only will I be reminded of   my Grandmother but that my husband has a green thumb just like my Grandpa.  Grandpa would be proud of my catch!

About my outfit:
Shirt-Target about 3 years ago
Skirt-The Loft, recently
Necklace & Earrings-Burlington Coat Factory for $3.00 (bargain)

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