Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Guest

Last week was the first week of Pre School for my really good friend's daughter, Jayde.  Since Janelle knows me entirely too well, she knew that I would adore the photos of Jayde on her first day of school. 
Friday morning, I received a series of messages containing the following photographs, they instantly brightened my day!
Look at how cute she is…

I love the “I’m a model” pose and the pure sass this little chick possesses at the ripe old age of 4. I think Janelle is headed for some serious trouble! Her precious baby girl is too cute to handle now, wait until she's 16!
The best part of these photos is Jayde's  amazing fashion sense.  I was laughing hysterically when I notice the resemblance between Jayde’s ”first day of school” outfit and my “Casual Friday” attire…

...what can I say? Talented fashionistas think alike! I definitely commend Jayde for her first day of school outfit.  It’s fabulous!
About my outfit:
Shirt-Charlotte Russe $25.99
Pants-Wal-mart $15.00
Belt- Target $16.99
Shoes-Sears $23.00
Bag-Jessica Simpson, gift
Watch-Michael Kors, gift
P.S. tonight is the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy, I'm estatic! My normal bed time is around is unusually early for my age but tonight is a very rare exception.  I have an extremely hot date with a bad ass biker boy! Shhh...don't tell my husband! :)

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