Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breaking the rules

What I learned today:
I was listening to the Shredd and Ragan show on my way to work this morning and learned some interesting facts about placebo buttons. Did you know that many of the buttons we are accustom to pressing actually don’t have a functional purpose?  For an example, the elevator button to close the doors doesn’t actually function on a majority of elevators in the United States, most of the time the close door button on an elevator requires the use of a key.  Can you believe it??? I am so blown away at this trickery.  What other buttons in my life are fake??? I must know!
Keeping with today’s theme of lifelong terrible tricks, I thought it was a perfect intro for the “fashion no no” I committed last week.  I have grown up my entire life with people telling you that black and brown can’t be worn together.  I decided to break the rules and wore my brown belt with a black shirt and black stockings.  Regardless of what the rules say, I think this was super cute! I am so willing to break rules again!

About my look:
Flannel shirt-JCP, before they did away with sales, $7.00
Sweater Vest-New York and Company, couple of years ago, $34.50 @50%
Skirt-Kohls, recently, $24.50
Belt-Forever 21, $4.50
Necklace-JCP, $10.00
Shoes-Payless, $29.99


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