Monday, October 22, 2012

Matter of opinion

For the past 2 weeks I have been studying organizational behavior for my MBA program.  On Saturday, the Professors lecture really registered for me as a professional but also as a family member, friend, acquaintance, and a wife.
I may stand alone in this mild confession but hey, I’m only human.  My Professor made a comment about the perception of “good and bad” personality traits. She has made a personal goal to remove the stereotype of good and bad personalities. Her reasoning is because regardless of someone’s view there is a benefit to each individual’s unique personality.  We as individuals need to make more of an effort to praise and value the differences in personalities. Like I Said, I may stand along in this small realization but what an amazingly positive perspective on the human race.
In a society that consistently labels people’s “pour qualities” and classifies people based on social strengths this is an outstanding personal goal and quite honestly something we all should strive for. Think about how much more rewarding our society would be if we accepted and embraced everyone’s unique personality. What could we accomplish if we were to concentrate on building people’s confidence and warmly embracing their unique differences of strengths? I believe our society would be more unified if we concentrated on viewing the positives of each individual rather than labeling and breaking each other down.
This was an eye opening lecture for me and I am going to work diligently to acquire this type of mind set.
This is what I wore to class on Saturday and I think it’s kind of funny.  I NEVER wear sneakers but remembered that I had these Coach sneakers hidden in my closet.  I decided to bring them out.  The outfit in my opinion was very “hipster” for me. I was a little concerned about what my classmates would think about my “hipster” look but after that lecture I decided it didn’t matter.  If I have a little hipster hidden inside of me well then I’m going to embrace it!
 Happy Monday!
At first I didn't think of wearing the necklace but knew something was definitely missing.  I think the necklace made the outfit that much more fun!

About my look:

Jacket-Boy! Have I gotten some use out of this coat!-Charlotte Russe $39.99
Shirt-Old Navy- $10.00
Necklace- JCP, $7.00
Jeans-Kohls $100.00

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