Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get your mix on

I am the BIGGEST advocate for mixing prints this season.  There is somethin about an eclectic outfit that just screams chic.  I even mix prints in my home (more to come on that), I find it irresistibly adorable.

Mixing prints is a huge trend right now but it is not always a simple task.  You don’t want to walk out of your house looking like you dressed yourself in the dark, that’s embarrassing!  When mixing my prints, I always look for a common color. It doesn’t have to be the main color, just look for some form of unity. 
When I first bought this shirt, I wore it with my floral print scarf and black slacks.  It was a nice casual look but it wasn't screaming chic like I intended.

About my outfit:
Scarf: Target, recently, $14.99
Shirt: Target, recently, $22.99
Pants: Target, recently, $27.99
Shoes: JCP, last year, ???

My second attempt worked much better.  I wore this on my birthday last Wednesday.  I am in love with this look. I love the brocade mixed with the polka dot.  To think that I almost passed up this skirt!!!

Skirt-JCP, $22.00

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