Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's faux, don't freak!

My family and friends may not agree with me when I say that wearing this fur vest was out of my element but it really was. I will gladly admit that I have always taken a liking to very extravagant things. When I was younger I definitely had a fur jacket that I wore around but at first this felt extremely awkward.  I was worried that PETA activist might mistake my Banana faux fur for the real deal.  As usual, I quickly adjusted and this vest is one of my favorite pieces.

My niece also took a liking to it. Unfortunately for my sister and her husband, my youngest niece might be following closely in my fashion crazed foot steps. When I wore it to my sisters house for a family dinner my niece sat petting me the whole time.   I finally took it off and she pranced around the house with it on.  Too cute!!
As you seen on Tuesday, I paired it with my tribal sweater and fantastic olive green boots.  Today’s look was my first attempt at wearing this fantastic clothing item. While I liked the look, I am a much bigger fan of Tuesday’s outfit.

However, I am a definitely embracing the gold and black trend happening right now.  I am wholeheartedly embracing this extravagant look! I eventually ended up un-tucking the shirt later in the day. For my body shape, it was the right decision.
I hate wearing black pants, there is really nothing exciting about them. It’s hard to make a wow outfit with them but I think the fur vest adds the extra element needed to make this a great outfit.  The only thing that could have improved this look might be a statement necklace or maybe a floppy hat!
Are you embracing the fur trend this season?? If not, what about the black and gold obsession??

About my look:

Pants-Target, $29.99
Shirt-Target, $19.99
Fur Vest-Banana Republic, $125.00 @ 40% off
Belt-Target, $19.99
Shoes-House of Deron, Burlington Coat Factory, $14.99
Watch-Michael Kors, gift

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