Wednesday, November 7, 2012

texture is always an option

Let me start out by congratulating the Democratic team on a successful victory last night! Despite my personal political views, the support that was shown by the Democratic Party was astonishing.  I send my prayers toward President Obama and wish him the best of luck over the next 4 years.  This is one scenario where I would be happy to be proven wrong.  I am praying for God’s favor to be shown on our nation. I read through some FB status updates today and I was particularly blown away with one of my friend’s comments.  So much so that I am stealing it, “Jesus take the wheel”.  Regardless, of any man’s intelligence and charismatic leadership there is only one way out of this mess-trust in Jesus Christ!
From politics to fashion...
I’m always looking for new ways to add flare to my looks.  When I found this tweed blazer at JCP for $35.00, I knew that it would be the perfect fabric to play with texture. Texture is a wonderful way to add dimension to any outfit.  Today’s look, is all over texture! 

This burgundy leather skirt was so much fun to wear!!! I am obsessed with it!! If I wear to be first lady, I would totally rock this ensemble.  Would you?
My outfit:
Hello JCP shopping spree...(at a really affordable price)
Blazer-JCP, $35.00
Skirt-JCP, $20.00
Lace Shirt-JCP, $5.00

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