Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My baby, she's cherokee

I have been admiring an Aztec inspired sweater from Urban Outfitters for months.  I was half tempted to purchase it for $69.50 because I knew it would the perfect winter sweater. Despite my burning desire for it, I decided to remain frugal and search for a cheaper version.  I managed to find one at Forever21 for $29.50 and I am so glad that I purchased it! It really is the best winter sweater! I wore this outfit to class last Saturday. I have owned this sweater for a little over a month now but I didn’t have the right accessories to complete the look.  It wasn’t until I found these adorable olive green boots from Old Navy that I was ready to debut this awesome sweater!

I have been seriously have been obsessed with accomplishing an adorable rugged outdoor country girl look lately.  I think with this outfit, I finally accomplished my goal! As I was walking out the door I threw on my new FAUX fur vest. At first, I was leery about wearing it but then  I remember that I am 0.03% Indian.  It’s completely fine!

About my look:

Sweater- Forever 21, $29.50
Long sleeve shirt-Target, $12.00
Jeans-Kohls, Rock Republic, $39.00
Boots-Old Navy, $36.80-purchased with coupon
Vest- Banana Republic, $125.00 @40% off!

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