Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a lesson I've learned from blogging

You might be wondering what benefits there are to blogging about my fashion obsession? Besides the fact, that I get to share my passion with all of you, I am learning some valuable lesions.  One lesson that is standing out at the moment is…
I have refused to buy into the idea that purchasing clothing is an investment.  I have always preferred to purchase mass amounts of clothing at an affordable cost.  I frequently purchased items only because they were on an insane sale.  This little habit of mine often results in clothing sitting in my closet with the tags on them.  My blogging adventure has made me more mindful of the clothing items I wear frequently and that are staples in my closet. 
Because I never want to let a good lesson pass by unacknowledged, I have begun to really analyze pieces of clothing I am considering purchasing.  I have also begun to replace these “staple” items with quality items.  There are items that are worth the splurge!

This denim shirt is one of my “mindful” purchases.  I didn’t spend a lot on it and it’s still from Target but the quality is really nice.  It’s definitely a shirt that will get a lot of use.  Hence another important lesson, quality doesn’t mean that it has to come from a high end retailer. This shirt is a quality item with a small price tag.
Today’s look was inspired by J.Crew.  I am seriously crushing on the mixing of elegant items with casual items. I think it’s fresh and it gives me a chance to embrace my inner Queen while staying true to my country roots!

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