Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Meant to Be

The other day while on a run I had some random thoughts. Since I have nothing inspiring and creative to share with you about today’s outfit and there’s really no one knocking at my door offering me a penny for my thoughts, why not share some of my random thoughts for FREEEEE? There’s got to be someone in the blogosphere that enjoys these random thoughts of mine, right?

Continuing with today’s theme.  You know how everything seems to have a devoted day of the week for the appropriate time to share something? (For example throwback Thursday) I’m thinking today’s randomness makes this day “Randomness Wednesday”!!!  Or maybe after reading this post you’ll think a more appropriate title is Rambling Wednesday, either way you prefer is perfectly fine with me.  

Blazer- Forever 21 $29.50
Tank-Target $9.00
Skirt- Target $13.00

Belt- Target $16.99
Shoes-JCP $35

Since I have been on a mini summer vaca from graduate school lately all I have had time to do is think!   Too much thinking can often lead to over thinking which tends to spiral into something disastrous.  Fortunately for me, and well let’s be honest, all my fabulous loved ones that have to put up with me (love them dearly) running clears my mind and on this particular day sent me down memory lane.  

My husband and I have been dating since I was 16, we have loads of memories together but I can never seem to recall them.  We are always joking about how he has a better memory than me which happens to be an unfortunate advantage during disagreements.  I’ve decided that it’s not that I have a terrible memory, I just have had a lot to think about over the past 2 years.

Running down our country back roads brought me back to when we were about 17.  I would always tell him that I was headed for the big city.  I really thought that I was meant to be a city girl and my parents mistakenly moved me to the country. I had convinced myself that I hated living in the country.  Wade would often reply to my city loving statements with “we’ll see about that” or “Nah.  You’re a country girl whether you like it or not.” Fast forward about 6 years, we’re looking to purchase our first home and I can’t stand the thought of leaving the country. 

As I was running down the street, I found myself silently admiring the beauty of the country.  The sights are simply stunning, the sounds are soothing, and right now the air smells of fresh lilacs.  All I could think is you wanted to leave this for what?  I thought how funny it is that even then my husband knew me better than I knew myself.  He knew my heart and the place it calls home.  He knew these heels were meant to travel these country roads…

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