Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My First Photo Shoot

I’m excited about today’s post.  A really good friend of mine offered to snap a few pics for Country Living in Heels.  And of course, I took her up on her offer.  She did a fantastic job! 
Earrings-H & M

Shoes-Charlotte Russe
Bracelet-Ily Couture


The saying “if you can dream it, you can do it!” is so true.  God has this amazing way of placing people in your life to help you achieve your goals. I am so thankful that he placed Sherry in my life with a passion for photography and a beautiful spirit that is so willing to help me capture my dreams.  I am so blessed by her encouragement and excitement.

This mini photo shoot was held during our lunch break, we had so much fun.  Sherry has this amazing ability to make a girl feel like a real life model.  I was a little nervous about posing in front of the camera and looking awkward but she managed to capture all the right moments.  If you are thinking about having family photos or having an adorable new born that you would like to have photographed, you need to check out Sherry’s Facebook page  She has an eye for photography that is completely unique and fun! 


  1. Love the pictures and I see an AD! You go!

  2. Thank you! Sherry did a fantastic job. I am so excited about our future collaborations. I'm working my little tush off to try and make this blog official! :)