Tuesday, September 3, 2013

@ home

For the past year, our spare bedroom has been a disastrous collection of miscellaneous items that didn’t have a place in the rest of the home. Basically, our spare room turned into the collect all of the house.   I have been struggling with making the room a space that I enjoyed for so long that I eventually gave up on it.  Until last Thursday night, I was running on the treadmill and suddenly all of the “junk” had a place in that room.  Out of nowhere came a room that I enjoy spending time in.  

While I had no intentions of sharing the results with you, I was so thrilled with the way the space transformed into an adorable spare bedroom/office that I couldn't resist practicing photography in the space.  Yesterday afternoon, while enjoying my new work station, I snapped some adorable photos that I was both proud of and excited to share.  

Affordable art $7.99 for the frame, $2.99 for white spray paint

My favorite part of the room!

I wanted my work space to be both functional and add character to the guest bedroom but consistently struggled with achieving my desired look.  I always thought the desk was entirely too large.  Utilizing the entire wall as a gallery wall helped to make the work area a focal point in the room. 

B Print purchased on Etsy.com

Adding small shelves helped create extra storage space and a neat way to organize and display office essentials.

The finishing touches on the space were incorporating everyday necessities such as pencils, notepads,  and special notes from me.

Now,  this is a space that I can be creative and really enjoy blogging from! I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Love it! and I love the pillow on your bed. That is so me.

  2. Melinda, thank you so much! The pillow was on clearance at Target. Score!! I am in love with it.